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How to listen to audio books

1. Open an account
Create a personal account with the streaming service that you want to use.
3. Listen to your favorite audio books
With us you know that the service has your favourite book, just search for it in the app and start listening.

What are audiobooks?

Audiobooks are a perfect alternative to ordinary books, instead of reading the book you listen to someone else reading the book. This also creates an opportunity for further immersion, as there may be sound effects that add another dimension to the reader.

Audio books are very beneficial when you want to be able to do something else at the same time, many people listen while they exercise or do other chores. Today, all audiobooks are accessible via apps on your mobile, which means you can access your favourite audiobooks from anywhere.

Audio books have become increasingly popular in recent times, which has led to a wider choice. Today, they are available for all ages and categories.

What is the difference between an audiobook and an e-book?

You could say that an e-book is a digital representation of a book, but still in text format. This means that you can read the book on a mobile or tablet, but you still need to read it yourself through text. Instead, an audiobook is read to you, via audio.

Search audiobooks

It's not always easy to know which service has your favourite book, so we've created a simple search function that lets you search all services at once. Now you can easily choose the right one and be sure that the service has your book. All you have to do is use the search function at the top of the page. You can search by book title, author and ASIN.

Find the right audiobook

Sometimes there can be several different versions of an audiobook, for example there could be different narrators or publishers who have produced the audiobook. To make sure you choose the best edition, we recommend searching for ratings online, it usually gives a pretty good guide depending on what you are looking for.

Different ways to listen to audiobooks

There are many different ways to listen to audiobooks, you can choose between borrowing, streaming and buying books through the different services available in the market.

If you rent an audiobook, it is available for a limited time

If you buy an audiobook, it is always available

Streaming through an audiobook app is usually the cheapest option, as you can access all the books at any time, for a monthly fee

How to listen on your mobile

It's easy to get started with audiobooks on your mobile, to get started you need to create an account with the service you wish to use. Once you are registered you will be able to download the app to your mobile, most services also allow you to listen directly through your browser.

However, we always recommend using the app if possible, as it is usually a much smoother user experience.

Audio books library

You can also rent audiobooks from the library, a disadvantage here can be that the selection is very limited, it is mainly course literature that is available. However, the advantage is that it is usually completely free. Many libraries have their own audio book apps. It can be an advantage for students to find audiobooks at libraries.

Best audiobook service

There are so many audiobook services to choose from these days, so which one should you choose? Our tip is to use our search function to see which ones have the books you want to listen to. Then you can also use our website to compare prices, features and range.

As a rule, most services are equally good, it's the price model that varies and suits different types of users. So be sure to compare and see what suits you first before making your choice.

  • Things to look for when comparing audiobook apps
  • The range, are there the books you want to read?
  • Price, what is the pricing model and does it suit you?
  • Language, are the books you want to read available in your preferred language?