Audio books

Unlike conventional books and video programmes, you can listen to audiobooks while performing other tasks. Once you've downloaded an audiobook, you can listen to it on multiple devices at the same time.

In many cases, audiobooks have proven successful in providing teachers, second language learners, learners with learning difficulties, struggling readers and non-readers with access to and enjoyment of literature. Many rely on them as a convenient alternative to old-fashioned reading. As long as the reading is comprehensible, the content, history and themes of audiobooks will be a good alternative to ordinary books.

There are many sources for audiobook reviews, including school libraries and magazines. You can submit reviews and read what others have said about free audiobook titles that are available to the public.

The self-controlled rhythm associated with reading distinguishes books from audiobooks. This is particularly important in the debate between audiobooks and books because, unlike digital screens, audiobooks deprive the user of the spatial cues to which he is accustomed when reading printed text.

Different methods for listening to audiobooks

The most common methods for listening to audiobooks are

  • Via apps on your mobile
  • Via websites
  • Via physical CDs