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Compare audiobook apps and listen to audiobooks for free on your mobile

Bokus Play, Bookbeat, Nextory and Storytel, the Swedish audiobook services have a high level of quality from authors and readers. For this reason, it is difficult to recommend one of them over the others. There are many similarities between them. For example, there are so-called audiobook apps that you download to your mobile or tablet.

Once inside one of the apps, you will soon notice that the presentations can vary. So does the actual content. That's why you should take the time to compare services. Do you prefer one look to another and does the streaming service offer the type of e-books or audiobooks you like?

Cost affects many people's choices - so what do you get for your money?

Below we present the most common audiobook services on the Swedish market. In other words, you can read more about what makes Bokus Play, Bookbeat, Nextory and Storytel stand out. Let the short presentations be a soft start before you compare the different audiobook apps with each other. You can easily access the services from here.

Bokus Play

Bokus Play is the popular online bookstore's own audiobook service. Compared to Bookbeat, Nextory and Storytel, it has fewer titles. However, the titles you can freely choose from exceed 50,000 and it is also replenished with new titles in every imaginable genre every week.

At the moment, you can listen to audiobooks for free for a trial period of up to 30 days, after which you can cancel the subscription or choose to continue with it. Then you start paying the regular cost, which comes in three different levels. The different levels range from one user and one book per month to unlimited listening by several people.

Since this audiobook app - which you download via the App Store or Google Play, by the way - is linked to, you get a discount on their physical range. This makes Bokus Play a good option for those who like to mix digital books with physical ones. Then they also have the cheapest subscription, for those who settle for one book a month.


Bookbeat is one of the digital services for listening to audiobooks on your phone. As the service develops, books in more and more languages are being added. You can read in Swedish, English - and you can also browse through books in Danish, Finnish, Spanish, etc. This app allows you to stream over 200,000 audiobooks, both new and classics. Bookbeat has long used flexible subscriptions where you only pay for the percentage of books you actually use each month. You can thus choose between three different subscriptions depending on how much or little you listen on a time basis. In the App Store and Google Play, the Bookbeat app is praised for its high level of functionality, where the user experience is at the centre. Generously, you can download the app and then try out audiobooks for free for 30 days. You can then read and listen to unlimited amounts of everything from romance to suspense in the meantime and don't have to commit to anything.


Nextory can be seen as the main competitor to Storytel, making it one of the larger audiobook services in Sweden. Here, too, you use an audiobook app from the App Store or Google Play to access the rich selection of tens of thousands of audiobooks and e-books, respectively. English and Finnish are two of the languages you can listen to and read on Nextory, in addition to books in Swedish. A fun detail is that the app documents the books you're browsing and you can see how many hours you've listened and the genres you've covered. It's never been easier to start a book challenge to outdo yourself in.

Thrillers, feelgood and personal development are examples of different genres you can read through Nextory. The audiobook app also has a massive selection of children's books. Again, you can customize your subscription choice based on your own situation. Do you listen alone and only occasionally? There's a subscription for that, so also for those who listen a lot or have a whole audiobook-loving family. Listen for free as one person for up to 30 days and cancel your subscription whenever you want.


Storytel has managed to convey a whole lifestyle around audiobook listening. Today, it is the only audiobook service with, for example, its own reading tablet that can be linked to the user's account. They also deliver their own audiobook productions, called Storytel Originals, which include everything from suspense series to book talk podcasts.

To listen to audiobooks on your phone, download the Storytel app via the App Store or Google Play. The app itself is free, it's the subscription that costs. Storytel Unlimited is the name of the basic subscription, and this allows both an adult and a child to each have a profile.

In addition, upgrades are available, with the difference that more people can listen at the same time.

Storytel Unlimited is available as a free trial for up to 30 days. After that, do as you please, continue your reading journey with this audiobook service by paying for an optional subscription or cancel your membership. Many people choose to continue. The extensive range of several hundred thousand titles encourages people to listen and read more.

A big plus to how cleverly the books are sorted by, for example, author, publisher and genre. In addition, there are endless theme tags to explore; "based on a true story", "books made into movies", "herstory" etc.

10+ compelling reasons to listen to audiobooks

There are many reasons to listen to audiobooks online - here are ten of them:

  • You read on your own terms.
  • You can enjoy all the great stories even more because you can enjoy the books while you're doing other things, like cleaning, exercising or crafting
  • You can choose from tens of thousands of titles, gaining a wealth of new knowledge and perspectives.
  • You can listen even when you can't really sit still with a book.
  • You don't necessarily have to be super-focused, so you can relax by listening to an audiobook.
  • You can listen even if you have dyslexia and/or concentration problems. You won't disturb anyone while you're listening, just plug in your headphones.
  • You'll get a heightened experience thanks to how well the books are read, we're talking about world-class actors and/or readers who give their all in the staging.

How to listen to audiobooks online

The best way to get started listening and reading is to download an audiobook app, such as Bokus Play, Bookbeat, Nextory or Storytel.

When you open an account with one of these audiobook services, you get a free trial. You can then feel your way around. Then you can do it again and again, until you've tried and compared the audiobook services with each other and found your favourite.

When listening on your mobile or tablet, you can do so with or without headphones. It can be nice not to wear headphones all the time. Give your ears a rest! However, as soon as you leave home or have to listen in a room with others, it's nice to be able to shut out the world and disappear into your books.

In addition to a mobile device, it's therefore a good idea to have headphones in your possession, because then there's almost nothing or no one to stop you from enjoying an exciting book. That would probably be work, but even there you might be able to listen while you do some of the tasks.